Taysom Hill: “Really nice” to tailor all offseason work to playing QB


Taysom Hill was a quarterback when he entered the NFL, but his time with the Saints has seen him fill a lot of roles on offense and special teams.

Drew Brees’ retirement has led to a shift back to his original stomping grounds, however. Hill is competing with Jameis Winston to be the new starting quarterback in New Orleans and said it is “something that I’m not taking lightly and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.”

Hill thinks his bid will be helped by spending an entire offseason playing quarterback after years of splitting focus among a variety of spots.

“Yeah it’s nice,” Hill said, via Rod Walker of NOLA.com. “Look, at the end of the day and when I first got here and I started doing all this stuff, the answer when I was asked ‘hey, what’s the end goal for you?’ has always been to play quarterback. I’m a quarterback at heart and that’s my mindset. That is really nice when I can tailor all of my offseason program to being as good of a quarterback as I possibly can.”

Hill had extended run as a quarterback when Brees was hurt last season and went 82-of-114 for 864 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions in four starts. That came without the singular focus he’ll be able to employ this offseason and Hill’s hope is that the increased time will lead to an even longer stint under center.